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Export models from a notebook so that they can be imported and used in other notebooks.


Within a notebook you generate 3D, processing or regression models as part of your workflow. You may want to import these models into another notebook for other use-cases. The export function allows you to export a model for use in another notebook.

How to use

  • In the Modelsfield, select from the available models in the current notebook that you want to export.
    • You can select one or multiple models.
    • If there is only one model present in the notebook, this field is automatically populated with that model.
  • For each model selected, a new field will appear called Export Name for {Model Name}.
    • This field is automatically populated with the name of the model prefixed with the word “Global”: e.g. “Global Neural Network.”
    • You can enter an new export name for the dataset by editing this field.
    • This export name will be used to reference this model within the platform and when importing the model into another notebook.
    • This name must be unique within the platform otherwise when clicking apply, the step will return an error to say the name is already in use.
  • Click on Apply: Export Model to complete the export.

More on this step

This model export function is compatible with any type of model that can be generated in the Monolith platform.

This does not export models for use outside the Monolith platform, but makes the model available for importing into other notebooks within the platform. It will appear in the available list of models referenced by its Export Name when using the Import Global Model function. The exported data will also be visible in the data manager.

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