Release Notes for v1.42

Modified on Fri, 27 Jan 2023 at 03:18 PM

Main New Developments

Surface Field Model Improvements

Point Coordinate ValuesThe new surface field model will no longer display PointCoordinate values (X, Y, and Z) in the inputs list. However, these values will still be included in the training process to ensure the best possible model performance. This change was made to handle training models on 3D data with flat values in some of the coordinates (e.g. Z=0 everywhere). The new model is designed to handle these situations automatically, so displaying these as inputs is no longer necessary.

Training steps: The “Number of Training Steps” has been updated to better align with other models on the platform. In the old surface field model, the Number of Training Steps referred to the number of training steps multiplied by the batch size. The new Surface Field Model uses the number of epochs instead. As a rough rule of thumb, for example, if the old surface field model had a Number of Training Steps of 32,000, it would roughly compare to a new Surface Field Model with a Number of Training Steps of 1,000.

Augment Data: The "Augment Data" feature has been removed in the new surface field model. This feature was not found to have a significant benefit. In the future, data augmentation for 3D data may be added as a separate feature, allowing users to view the augmented data.

Bug Fixes

  • 3D Importer: Resolved an issue that caused the 3D Importer to fail to load.
  • On-Premise Customers: Resolved an issue that caused on-premise customers to experience a 502 Bad Gateway error.
  • Password Logic: Improved the logic for incorrect password entry to provide a better user experience.
  • Data Manager: Removed obsolete information in the data manager for a cleaner and more streamlined experience.
  • Error Handling: Improved error handling when passing empty strings into some steps, providing a more robust experience.
  • Neural Networks: Fixed an issue that caused connections to neural networks to be aborted by peer.
  • Auto-Refresh Tooltip: Fixed an issue that caused the auto-refresh tooltip to flash.
  • Notebook Window:  Improved the resizing of the notebook window, and grouped icons together into a menu to avoid poor UI layout.

Release Date

Friday 4th November

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