Data Types

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This functions evaluates and shows the data types of the columns in a tabular dataset.


The tabular importer detects and assigns the data type of each column automatically during the import process. You can use this function to check if the importer worked properly and all columns have the data type you expected it to have. You can also use it to check for data types of newly created columns.

In general whenever a function fails due to bad data types you can use this function to check which data type a column currently has.

How to use

Create the step and assign a tabular dataset to it in the field Data. By default all columns of the dataset are evaluated. If you do not want to change that just click Apply to execute the function. If you want to check only certain columns select these in the optional field Columns.

After finished a table with two columns is plotted. The first column lists all columns in your dataset, the second columns shows the data type of each column.

More on this step

The following data types are used on the platform:

Data typeDescriptionPython equivalent
FloatFloating point number.float
CategoricalThis is typically a String (which is not a separate data type in Monolith), but it can be any data object which is not a numerical value. For example, arrays would also be classified as Categorical.object
BooleanThe boolean data type can be either True (=1) or False (=0).bool

Integer number.

This data type is detected on import but models would interpret and convert this as to float.


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