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With this function you can either remove selected columns from a dataset or only keep the selected columns.


If you have many columns and don’t use all of them it can make sense to reduce the dataset to the columns you need to work with. That is usually beneficial in terms of performance and also makes handling of the data easier.

As an example, if you have hundreds of channels from a certain measurement but only need to work on 20 of those channels reducing the dataset to only those 20 channels would improve performance a lot  when working with the dataset.

How to use

  • Select the dataset to work on in the field Data.
  • Select the Columns to keep or remove from the dataset.
  • From the option Keep or Remove selected columns select one of the two options:
    Keep selected columnsThe resulting dataset will only consist of the selected columns
    Remove selected columnsThe resulting dataset will consist of all columns but the selected ones.
  • You can save the resulting dataset under a new name. Enable Save output under different name to do so. If that option is unticked the existing dataset will be overwritten.
  • Click Apply to run the dataset restructuring. 

More on this step

This step works based on column names. In case you change a selected dataset so that a column can’t be found (e.g. column name changed or column removed for some reason) the step will error out. To fix the error you have to edit the step and assign new Columns. Alternatively, delete the step and create a new one.

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