Release Notes for v1.25 (w/c 1 Nov 2021)

Modified on Wed, 10 Nov 2021 at 07:56 PM

Main new developments

Easier notebook configuration

  • Notebooks can sometimes become long and be slow to navigate because of excessive rendering. We're introducing buttons to minimise/expand all steps in a notebook at once, and to open notebooks in 'Safe Mode' (with all steps minimised).
  • We recieved feedback that the button layout in the notebook header was unintuitive. We've rearranged this layout to make it easier to rename notebooks and access/generate dashboards.

New 'Compare Against Criteria' manipulator

  • This new step enables to compare one or multiple models between them, and against different accuracy criteria. Once models are trained, it is not always clear whether they are “good enough” to be used in production. It might be easy to identify which model is the best, but that is not always enough to make it usable in production. This step enables to define accuracy criteria and assess whether they can be achieved by different models. If an accuracy criterion is not fulfilled, the step can also be used to see how far the model is from reaching it.

  • Read more about it here!

Other improvements

  • New 'Reset user settings' button within dashboards, to reset the parameters set on interactive tools to ones originally configured when the dashboard was set up.
  • Introduced a disabling of the 'Retry' button on manipulators, to prevent re-run them whilst data which it is dependant on is getting processed.
  • Usability improvements for the 'Compare Performance Metrics' manipulator (formerly, 'Compare Model Performances')
  • Fixed an issue with Autoencoders which was showing overfitting behaviour
  • Fixed bug concerning configuring custom Hyperparameter Optimisation settings
  • Other bug fixes

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