Release Notes for v1.27 (w/c Nov 29 2021)

Modified on Wed, 01 Dec 2021 at 07:51 PM

Main new developments

Auto Refresh toggle

  • When editing a step in a notebook, all subsequent steps are automatically rerun with the Auto Refresh feature. For example, you could edit a Tabular Loader to include more training data in your notebook - this will automatically retrain any models in the notebook, saving you the time to rebuild a new data processing/modelling pipeline.
  • We've received feedback, however, that when editing multiple post-processing steps in a long notebook, Auto Refresh can provide a jarring experience as it reruns subsequent steps before you might be finished editing pre-processing steps.
  • A new toggle is accessible at the top of your notebooks, to temporarily disable Auto Refresh for those situations.

Faster processing of large datasets

  • We've implemented distributed data processing to speed up operations on datasets containing millions of rows.

  • Both the speed at which the user options appear after selecting your data in a manipulator, and the speed of the actual manipulation are now increased for the following steps: Tabular Loader, Filer Numeric, Filter Category, Append, Head. We plan to expand this capability to more manipulator in the following releases.

Other improvements

  • New landing page for unsupported browsers such as Safari and Opera.
  • Customisable names for columns created from the Time Series Feature Extraction manipulator.
  • Improved search capability for the raw data files within the 'Add/Edit datasets' menu in Loaders.
  • Fix - progress bar was displaying wrong information for Encode.
  • Fix - 2D Point Plot wasn't displaying correct colours when selection categorical variables.
  • Other bug fixes

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