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Shows a tabular preview of the first N rows of the dataset.


This offers another way to check if the dataset was properly loaded and is what you expected it to be.

How to use

You first need to assign the dataset to evaluate in the field Data. You can directly click Apply as all other options are preset or optional.

Select the number of rows which should be shown. The default value is 10 and can be increase up to 25.

Columns (optional)

You can select the columns which are shown in the preview. If you leave this field empty all columns are shown by default.
Index (optional)
By default (if you leave this field empty) the index in the preview table is the row number (starting at zero). You can use any column in your dataset as alternative index (even a categorical column). If for example you want an index starting at one you could create a corresponding column with Quick Columns and use this as index.


Head example with default index starting at zero:

Head example using the column ID as index starting at one:

Head example using the categorical column New ID as index:

More on this step

Refer to Columns, Count, and Quick Overview as further ways to get an overview of a dataset. If you want to preview a random subset of your dataset refer to Random Sample.

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